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Erin Micozzi - Live Event Artist in New England

Live Wedding Painting Services


In addition to painting the wedding couple in their preferred scene, I also offer watercolor guest portraits as a service. Your guests will love to take their portrait home as a favor, a keepsake to forever cherish!


As a professional live painter I bring my supplies to paint a scene in real-time at your event. It is truly an unforgettable experience for you and your guests to watch the artwork come to life during your event!


How does live wedding painting work?


Traditional Live Wedding Portrait: On the day of your event, I will set up at the venue before the event begins, and work throughout the event to capture the scenery, wedding party and guests.


After the reception I will take the painting home to allow it to fully dry, as well as add the final details in my studio. Your wedding painting will be mailed to you when you return from your honeymoon.

Watercolor Guest Portraits: I work throughout the event to complete quick yet accurate watercolor sketches of guests onsite. I then package them up, and the guests take their special portrait home at the end of the event. 

For both services, I will provide entertainment for the guests to watch as I paint throughout the event!

Live Wedding Painting Delivery to Boston Couple
Granite Links Country Club Live Wedding Painter Erin Micozzi in Boston Massachusetts

How much does it cost?

Live event painting pricing is dependent on several factors. I live in Northeastern Massachusetts, and I am happy to travel to be a part of your special event.


Traditional live wedding painting investment starts at $3000, and can be fully customized to match your unique vision. This cost includes all supplies needed to create the painting, over five years of experience painting at weddings with ever-improving technique and speed, and post-wedding touch-ups in the studio - completed to your satisfaction and made ready for local pickup or shipment once approved.

Wedding guest portrait investment starts at $2500 and can be fully customized to meet your unique vision. I will paint your guests on the spot with impressive speed and accuracy, each watercolor painting only taking a few minutes. It is the most personal and unique experience/favor you could give to your guests that will leave them talking about your wedding for years to come! 


Please note that availability is limited so I encourage you to reach out as early as possible to confirm and save your date! 

Live Painting Reviews:

"From our first conversation, I knew Erin had to be a part of our wedding day. Her energy, talent and professionalism are truly unmatched. Erin checked in regularly with me before our event, and coordinated effortlessly with all of the vendors. She was a highlight not only for my husband and I, but for our guests! Countless photos were taken of her as she carefully executed this painting during a HUGE party. Erin was the first person to arrive at the church and the LAST person to leave the wedding, perfecting the details of her work. She kept in touch on her progress after the wedding, and worked on meeting us at a mutually convenient location to see the final product. The details are impeccable. From the dress, to the pews, the shine on E's bald head haha- just perfect. So honored to have had Erin be a part of our day, and I hope she can be a part of yours!"

- Jordana

"Erin is an incredible artist! I cannot recommend her enough. She is so kind, thoughtful, genuine and will go above and beyond to make sure your day is perfect. Our guests loved watching her paint during our reception and everyone told us how cool it was! Now we have a wonderful memory from our wedding day that we get to hang proudly in our home!"

- Meg

"Erin is an absolute gem! Her sweetness and warmth added an extra touch of joy to our special day. We were completely blown away by her incredible talent as she transformed our wedding ceremony into a work of art right before our eyes.

Not only were my spouse and I mesmerized by her skill, but our guests were equally captivated by the live painting experience. Erin's ability to capture the atmosphere and emotions of the moment is nothing short of magical. We couldn't help but gather around her as she worked, amazed by her artistic prowess.

We're eagerly looking forward to receiving the finished painting, as we know it will hold a cherished place in our hearts and home. Erin's artistry and the unique touch she added to our wedding are truly beyond words. If you're considering a live painter for your event, Erin comes with the highest recommendation. Her talent and genuine personality make her an absolute delight to work with!"

- Lindsey

"I cannot say enough about our experience with Erin as a Live Wedding Painter!! She was amazing throughout the entire process! Erin reached out to explain exactly what to expect from the experience, discuss my theme, and ideas for our painting. She even spoke directly with the planners at our venue and visited it prior to our ceremony to get a feel for the options and surroundings!


About a week before, Erin checked in with me to finalize plans and ideas for our painting. On the big day, all of our guests were able to watch and interact with her all while she was painting our beautiful wedding scene! It truly is one of our favorite gifts and such a beautiful memory of such an amazing day. We couldn’t be happier!"

- Jennifer

"From the moment I got engaged, I knew I needed a live painter for the wedding. I fell in love with the idea of having of having someone paint my husband and I's first dance right in the moment. It felt so intimate and adds an even more personal touch to the portrait. After a lot of research, I chose Erin, and I am SO happy we did. Erin was a doll to work with right from the beginning. She is so kind and helpful, it was like chatting with an old friend. When it came to the wedding day, she was AMAZING. My family cannot stop talking about how nice she was, explaining her techniques, and everyone loved watching her at work! We received our painting recently and OMG, in LOVE! It is so incredible and we cannot wait to hang it in our home forever! I cannot recommend Erin enough and do not have enough words to describe how awesome she and her work is!!"

- Brittany

"Erin was a wonderful live wedding artist and we couldn't be happier with our result! We started with a short phone call about 6 months before the wedding where she explained the process to me and talked through options for our painting. She totally went with my idea of an outdoor painting as we were entering our reception venue, including a bit of a city skyline in the background.


We chatted a week before the wedding to confirm and when we arrived that afternoon, she had been there for a while painting the background and she then photographed us to paint into it. She set up in our cocktail hour space and then moved into the reception space, offering entertainment to our guests all evening long. She contacted me a week later to deliver the final product, and it is a joy to have as we are still eagerly waiting for our photographer's photos!"

- Caitlin

"Erin is a true professional, great to work with and extremely talented! She has painted for me personally and done work for my wedding clients. She always blows everyone away with her skill, attention to detail and overall is a joy to be around! Book her today for a wedding or private commission you won't be sorry!"

- Michelle

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